• Electronic Materials
  • Providing "just in time" supply of materials to semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturers who aim to boost production efficiency.

Introduction of Maruzen Intec

Maruzen Intec Co.,Ltd.

Our company puts in place separate warehousing and distribution management systems for individual plants to be able to meet customer requirements for“just in time”materials supply.
We aim to be a partner offering the best solutions available, and we want to show our true value as a functional trading company by working closely with customers to provide thorough and responsive support.

News Summary

A Multifunctional Trading Company "MARUZEN"

  • Information Gathering and Dissemination

    Maruzen's work in gathering and disseminating information on the latest products and technologies is coordinated on a worldwide scale, in order to support the R&D activities of our customers.

  • Consulting

    We assist our customers in solving problems related to products, costs, the environment, and many other matters.

  • Coordination

    We use our own independent network of contacts, creating new value and business opportunities by facilitating interaction among technologies and the demand for them, products, and manufacturers.

  • Distribution

    We have built a proprietary distribution system that is accurate, speedy, and flexible. This allows us to provide high-quality distribution services that are stable and reliable.

  • Product Planning, Development, and Production

    Employing tie-ups with manufacturers in Japan and overseas, we are involved in the planning and development of new products as well as the development and production of products with special specifications.

  • Technical Support

    We have built a technical support system that provides backup to our customers in electronics and other fields of rapid technical innovation.

About Domestic Network

Efforts of ISO・Environmental Policy

Efforts of ISO・Environmental Policy

With the aim of co-existence with nature and chemistry, Our company is committed to the protection of the global environment. In addition, we have certified environmental management system IS014001 in May 2013.

Efforts of ISO・Environmental Policy