• President's Message

    • President Shoji Amo
    • Providing valuable functionality to meet the requirements of the times.

      Our company, electronic materials division was separated from Maruzen Chemicals Co., Ltd., founded in 1895, was born in 2013 in order to continue to fulfill our role as a trading company. We are establishing strategic fields of endeavor with the future in mind. We are working, on the basis of experience, technical expertise, and wide-ranging networks built up over many years, to improve competitiveness while providing our customers with valuable functionality.

      We always try serving idea to go on the cutting edge technology of the times, taking advantage of the global network of our own, meeting the diverse needs, providing promptly highest quality products, services and solutions. We will continue to create new value with our customer.

      With the arrival of the twenty-first century, we are working company-wide to make our operations more environmentally friendly. As part of this effort to tackle environmental issues, we have obtained ISO 14001 certification. Finally, we are working to enhance our presence worldwide and create the value of our company to society.

      We at Maruzen Intec Co., Ltd. look forward to your support.

      President  Shoji Amo

A Multifunctional Trading Company "MARUZEN"

  • Information Gathering and Dissemination

    Maruzen's work in gathering and disseminating information on the latest products and technologies is coordinated on a worldwide scale, in order to support the R&D activities of our customers.

  • Consulting

    We assist our customers in solving problems related to products, costs, the environment, and many other matters.

  • Coordination

    We use our own independent network of contacts, creating new value and business opportunities by facilitating interaction among technologies and the demand for them, products, and manufacturers.

  • Distribution

    We have built a proprietary distribution system that is accurate, speedy, and flexible. This allows us to provide high-quality distribution services that are stable and reliable.

  • Product Planning, Development, and Production

    Employing tie-ups with manufacturers in Japan and overseas, we are involved in the planning and development of new products as well as the development and production of products with special specifications.

  • Technical Support

    We have built a technical support system that provides backup to our customers in electronics and other fields of rapid technical innovation.