• History

    1869 Mr. Yuteki Hayashi established Maruya Trading Company in Yokohama
    Maruya Trading Company Osaka Branch
    In front of Maruzen Pharmacy
    At Head Office rooftop
    1871 Osaka Branch of the above company opened with Bookstore and Pharmacy (Sakai-suji Nishiiru, Minami-kyuhoji-machi, Osaka)
    Mr. Isohachi Suga joined Tokyo Office
    1880 Company name changed to Maruzen Trading Limited
    1893 Company name changed to Maruzen Co., Ltd.
    1895 Maruzen Pharmacy went independent by resolution at AGM of Maruzen Co., Ltd.
    1916 Eldest son of Isohachi Suga, Saburo Yanagihara inherited the Pharmacy
    1938 Company restructured to become Maruzen Pharmacy Co., Ltd. with ¥450,000 capital
    Saburo Yanagihara became Director/President.
    1943 Company name changed to Maruzen Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    1947 Ryohei Yanagihara became Director/President
    Temporary office opened in Kumamoto
    1951 Pesticide Section created
    1953 Temporary office opened in Fukuoka, Representative office opened in Nagoya
    1958 Tokyo and Fukuoka promoted to branch offices
    1959 Representative office opened in Sapporo, Nagoya promoted to branch office, Chemical/Processed Product Section created
    1961 Trading Section created
    1963 Representative office opened in Sendai
    1972 Sapporo, Sendai, and Kanazawa promoted to sales offices
    1979 President Ryohei Yanagihara awarded the Order of Ranju for his contribution to the industry
    1984 Ryohei Yanagihara became Chairman of Osaka Pharmaceutical Industry Health Insurance Society and Osaka Pharmaceutical Industry Welfare Fund
    1987 Ryoichi Yanagihara became President and Ryohei Yanagihara became Chairman
    1988 Hiroshima Representative Office established
    1989 10th capital increase - total capital reached ¥330 million
    Takamatsu Representative Office established
    1994 New Main Office Building completed (Maruzen Doshomachi Building)
    1995 100th anniversary of the company's founding
    1997 Food Division created
    Matec, Inc. established in Oregon, U.S.A.
    2000 Construction Material Division created
    2001 Electronic Material Division created
    2002 Maruzen Chemicals Singapore Pte., Ltd. established in Singapore
    2003 Osaka and Tokyo Head Offices and Nagoya and Fukuoka Branch Offices certified under ISO 14001
    Sales Division established
    2004 Maruzen Chemicals Taiwan Co., Ltd. established in Taiwan
    2005 Mobara Sales Office established
    2007 Maruzen Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established in China
    Fine Material Division established
    Kanazawa Sales Office certified under ISO 14001
    Showroom established on the first floor of Osaka head office
    2008 Sales offices established in the cities of Sakai, Toyama, and Fukuyama
    Advanced Electronics Divisions created
    Technology Development Office created
    Mobara Sales Office certified under ISO 14001
    Taisho Logistics Center established
    Malaysia office established in Kuala Lumpur
    2009 Suminoe Logistics Center established
    2011 Keiji Sales Office established
    2012 Vietnam Office established
    Technology Sales Division established
    2013 Partition of our Electronics operation and establishment of Maruzen Intec Co., Ltd..
    2014 Kumamoto Sales Office established
    EU Office established in Düsseldorf, Germany
    2015 120th anniversary of the company's founding
    Hochiminh Representative Office established in Hochiminh
    2016 Maruzen Intec (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. established in Shanghai
    Kyushu Sales Office established
    President Ryoichi Yanagihara is awarded the Order of the Rising Sun with Gold and Silver Rays
    2017 President Ryoichi Yanagihara became Chairman of Osaka Pharmaceutical Industry Health Insurance Society and Osaka Pharmaceutical Industry Welfare Fund
    2018 Shoji Amo became President and Daisuke Yanagihara became Chairman
    Korea Representative Office established in Korea

A Multifunctional Trading Company "MARUZEN"

  • Information Gathering and Dissemination

    Maruzen's work in gathering and disseminating information on the latest products and technologies is coordinated on a worldwide scale, in order to support the R&D activities of our customers.

  • Consulting

    We assist our customers in solving problems related to products, costs, the environment, and many other matters.

  • Coordination

    We use our own independent network of contacts, creating new value and business opportunities by facilitating interaction among technologies and the demand for them, products, and manufacturers.

  • Distribution

    We have built a proprietary distribution system that is accurate, speedy, and flexible. This allows us to provide high-quality distribution services that are stable and reliable.

  • Product Planning, Development, and Production

    Employing tie-ups with manufacturers in Japan and overseas, we are involved in the planning and development of new products as well as the development and production of products with special specifications.

  • Technical Support

    We have built a technical support system that provides backup to our customers in electronics and other fields of rapid technical innovation.